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Rob’s love for woodworking all began on a farm in southern Arkansas where he was born and raised. Growing up on a farm cultivated his work ethic and at a young age, he learned to push his limits, always do his best, and continuously improve his skills. Rob recognized the importance of hard work which became one of his core values in life.

Rob started TimberCore Designs, LLC which was initially only an idea, but has now grown exponentially into the business it is today. He attributes its success to not only the people he works with every day but also the community and homeowners who have given him the opportunity to do what he loves.

Crafted With Perfection

Quality You Can Trust

What Makes Us Special

  • We care a great deal about our reputation as builders. We not only will deliver a superior product but will provide a seamless transaction from start to beyond finish. 
  • We hand select the lumber before the start of any build, which means that only the best lumber will be used on a job site.
  • All of the completed work is accompanied by a 10-year craftsmanship guarantee.
  • Being a finish carpenter by trade, all decks are sanded smooth, leaving no branding, burrs, splinters, or sharp edges.
  • All estimates are free and can be revised as many times as needed so that you have the satisfaction of knowing that you can be completely happy with the end result.
  • We specialize in sunrooms, composite and wood decks, privacy fences, ceramic and wood flooring. We also do interior and exterior remodeling, as well as trim and finish carpentry.



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